The Bravo Foundation's mission is to provide sanitary napkins to poor women, and raise awareness about menstrual heath and hygiene among them.

National Family Health survey 2015-16 Report
use of sanitary napkins among Indian women

48.5 %

In Rural Areas

77.5 %

In Urban Areas

57.6 %


24% teenagers are forced to skip their schools owing to menstruation.

For the longest time, the Indian society has treated menstruation as a taboo. The bleeding women/girls are mostly considered as impure and dirty in India, like in many parts of the world. Thus most often the menstrual health and hygiene get ignored.

According to the Reports, due to the lack of awareness and poverty, thousands of menstruating women/girls are not able to use sanitary napkins in India. Instead, they use rags, ashes and husk sand. Thus, incidents of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) are very common among these women.

In spite of all the bad news, we taken the initiative of distributing free sanitary napkins in poverty-stricken and rural areas in order to break the barriers, and provide health, hygiene and comfort to women.

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